Smoke Stack Lighting Y-31

Built By: Ron Jones in 1972

Engine: Ford Pinto 2000

Length: 15ft

History: Originally owned by Steve Webster, He raced it under the name "Blade Runner". Eventually it was bought by The Taff Brothers, They raced it under the name "Team Denial" untill 2008. 

Restoration Projects

Madison, Indiana

                       5 TO THE 5 VINTAGE HYDROS

                 Natural High E-322

Built By: Wally Milosevich in the 1960's

Engine: 283 ci Chevrolet

Length: 17ft

History: The oldest hydroplane in the garage, This boat was found in a field in Minnesota where it has been setting for almost 30 years. The last time this boat hit the water was in 1987. Restoration is now complete and we plan to hit the water soon!

               Sweet Pepper A-91

Built by: Lorne Liddycoat in 1980

Engine: Ford Pinto 2300

Length: 16ft

History: Raced From 1982 - 1986. Lorne Liddycoat won several races in this boat he built. The boat was found in a barn in Canaan, Indiana and is in the process of being restored.

                    Miss Jean F-128 

Built by: Bob Delong in 1971.

Engine: 368 ci Chevrolet.

length: 18ft

History: This boat is a copy of a Jones hull built by Bob Delong. The boat never raced as it could never get on plane. It was found by Bill Fisk who rescued it from the curbside trash. Who then sold her to Dave Johnson.

          Madame G      Y-8

Built by: Jon Staudacher 1978

Engine: Ford Pinto 2000

Length: ​15ft

​History: ​Formally known as "Dick Moore's Flamers Special". Was bought by the Taff Brothers and named it "Team Denial". This is one of only three boats with this type of design, the bottom is in the shape of an S and the famous one piece cowling.